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We hear this all the time, and we feel your frustration every time. You do cardio, you plank, you crunch, you’ve tried every “washboard waistline” video and workout but…

In some cases we find Moms doing this, but not hitting the deeper supporting muscles that have been stretched and torn through pregnancy. In almost every case we find nutrition is the major culprit. As a matter of fact doing all those crunches without the nutrition sometimes actually makes it worse. By working those muscles consistently, like all muscles, they get bigger. This is great for fitness, back health, etc; but it increases the size of your waist a bit. It those muscles are then also covered with extra body fat, the body fat sticks out further. By modifying your nutrition, and eating higher quality/lower calorie foods you can eat well, avoid crash diets and rebounds, and you can eliminate your belly to show off those abs you’ve been sculpting. Try choosing whole grains, and high fiber, while reducing added fats, sugars, and salts.

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