Beyond the Fitness Club

Achieve YOUR Goals WITHOUT the Gym!

Fitness has changed for a lot of people with the COVID 19, and we're here to help. As mobile fitness experts, we've been helping the people of Brant County reach their health and fitness goals from home since 2009, and we're still here for you now.

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If you've been struggling with motivation, accountability, or in seeing the results that will help you feel healthier, happier, and confident you can live the life you deserve; You're not alone, and we're here to help.

Learn to find a healthy balance in the comfort and convenience of your own home home, and get nutrition advice and support right in your own kitchen. 

Living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong, fit, well nourished body. You can do it, but if you're here, like most people, you probably need a little help. Otherwise you would be doing, not researching. That's OK. You're not alone. It's why we're here. Our aim is to help you identify your health and fitness needs and goals, then design a balanced program that fits your needs, and your lifestyle, then guide you every step of the way.

You're not too busy!

Bringing the workout to you online; We'll save you time and energy, and help you get the most from your investment in yourself in the place it can help you the most, the privacy of your own home. 

You don't need any equipment to start.
All you need is some water, a towel, and enough space to make a snow angel, we'll take care of the rest. Of coarse you will eventually need some equipment to help you continue to challenge yourself and progress. We can help you there too. No we don't currently sell equipment, but we can give you impartial advice based on your budget and your needs, then help you master your new tool when it arrives. 

Why Choose Brantford Personal Trainer?

Did you know the fitness industry in Canada is highly unregulated, and that anyone can technically call themselves a personal trainer? Our Highly Experienced Professionals are not only Certified as Personal Trainers, and in CPR annually. They're Professionally Insured for your safety, and they’re required to take annual continuing education.

Unlike other one size fits all programs or quick fixes that don’t last, with Brantford Personal Trainer, your program is personalized and tailored to your needs from the ground up, using the latest science-based information, with your long-term health, success and happiness as our primary goal.

What Can We Offer You?

We offer a wide range of services, individually tailored to suit your needs! We specialize in Personal Training,  Coaching and Whole Food Nutrition.

We offer Online Services of:
-Personal Training

-Coaching (Fitness & Endurance Sport)

-Training Plans (Fitness & Endurance)

-With Group Classes upon request.


What We Offer

Online Fitness Solutions

Kettle Ball Squats

Personal Training

Running Machine


Sporty Woman Stretching

Training Plans

A Private Personalized Approach

Meet Privately with your Trainer Via Skype, Google Duo, or Zoom. All you need is a Tablet or Laptop set up, and enough room to make a snow angel. We'll use any equipment you have, and can help recommend the most cost and space effective equipment options for your goals.

Maximize your Training

This is a great option for already motivated individuals looking to add to their training improvements, without the need for, or cost of 1on1 training. 
Available for General Fitness Goals, as well as for Running, Cycling, and Multi-Sport Athletes

Reliable Progress on a Budget

Sometimes all you need is a little direction. If that's the case our 12 week Training plans might be the option for you. These are a one time service where we sit down and dig into your goals, past training, past problems, and current situation to develop a 12 week plan tailored to your needs. 
Though this service is completed after we review your plan, and does not have any follow up, you can always add Personal Training Sessions as you like.


Meet Your Brantford Personal Trainers

Your Home Fitness Experts

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Jeff Kehler

Owner / Head Trainer

Jeff started this company back in 2009 as he transitioned from racer to coach to personal trainer. Originally focused on helping competitive cyclists and triathletes, his succcess in helping others succeed became an addictive passion, so he pursued his personal training certification to expand his knowledge, and his ability to help more people go after their deepest goals.

Today he strives to help as many people as possible find balanced enduring health. Over the years, he's had the pleasure of helping put people on Domestic and International podiums, helped clients with dramatic weight loss, post-physio rehabilitation, and has experience working with Clients with Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson, Fibromyalgia, Cardiovascular Diseases, and more.


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If you're looking to get more from your career, and more for your clients, we're looking for you.

Female Training

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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